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High Performance tires are tires made to achieve a better transfer of energy from the vehicle to the road. This gives them a better top speed and acceleration than would be achieved with general market tires[1]. This increased performance can be significant but it comes at the cost of nearly everything else, high-performance tires are made from soft rubber compounds so that they get lower tread wear ratings and a shorter lifespan. The turning radius of such a tire is normally reduced and handling in urban environments can be difficult. While not actually necessary for performance often tires of this class are also louder than other general tires. These tires generally will not be able to achieve good winter traction unless specifically labelled for such.

The high performance label while originally carrying the above specific meaning has now become a bit more blurred as it is applied to a variety of tires for marketing reasons. This leads to "high performance all season" tires when originally all season and high performance may have been considered opposing terms, high performance being tires aimed at dry conditions and all season focused on wet traction. In general high performance can be considered a term implying a focus on speed in the tire class. A high performance wet weather tire is a speed focused one but is still not competitive with a regular high performance tire or high performance summer tire [2].