3 Rib Tires

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3 Rib tires are a type of agricultural tire used on the front of tractors. This is the most popular design for a front two wheel drive tractor tire and is considered to provide good stability on tilled soils in most applications. The deep center rib of this tire is balanced by two outer ribs near the tire's shoulders. The thicker center rib pushes deep into the soil and provides control. The smaller outer ribs spread the load and provide stability. The thick solid ribs of this tire is often thought to have the additional benefit of offering a degree of puncture resistance.

This tire can be somewhat compared to the all-season passenger car tire in that it is often considered to be the tire suitable for a wide variety of farming conditions. While other front tractor tires may provide benefits in singular areas they rarely provide the range of use cases the three rib tire is capable of.

Many tires of this make are known as stubble proof. This means they are built to withstand the potential damage from plant material left in the field to mulch. Sometimes warranties for this purpose are offered.

This is a tire that commonly comes in tube and tubeless configurations.